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Date: today, 2019

Likes: 180,527 | Comments: 1,115

Just wanted to smile for you on this beautiful day and say hi🤗

Дата: 20 мая, 2019

Лайков: 197,329 тыс. | Комментариев: 1,296 тыс.


I think I’m such a good friend. Don’t let her get bored 😁 would you wanna have friend like this? With my @bangenergy Follow the inventor of Bang @bangenergy.ceo #BangEnergy #EnergyDrink

Дата: 14 мая, 2019

Лайков: 77,162 тыс. | Комментариев: 807 | Просмотров: 708,362 тыс.


Hi guys😘 Hope you having amazing weekend! 🙏🏼♥️ I’m skill on vacations, I made these my life😁 I used to think that I’m a big city girl, as I was born in one. And always was very sociable with a lot of goals. I never thought that I would be so soo much into island life. It’s not only sun and beach, people here are sweet and humble and unconditional. And I don’t get feeling that people are trying to use me or spend my time as in cities. I don’t think that people are worse there. Just the environment makes them act differently. What’s most important for me now is that I don’t have any anxieties and feel happy 24/7. I just need to learn how to be productive in paradise😅 I’m so excited for summer in Europe though🤪♥️ And what do you guys prefer island or city?

Дата: 11 мая, 2019

Лайков: 214,177 тыс. | Комментариев: 1,093 тыс.


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Date: today, 2019

Likes: 170,527 | Comments: 3,115

Would you wanna go on a desert island with me 🏝 Knowing that there is no way to go back evaaa?

Дата: 01 мая, 2019

Лайков: 249,615 тыс. | Комментариев: 2,658 тыс.


Your goalkeeper is already on the field waiting for you to join🥅 Who wants to kick some balls? ⚽️ ⚽️

Дата: 17 апреля, 2019

Лайков: 299,499 тыс. | Комментариев: 2,605 тыс.


Outfits in this video🤤 are from @fashionnova 😍🔥 boys and girls you should check cool styles for summer What stupid things would you do if you had this app😎 Funny answers from you likes from me♥️

Дата: 10 апреля, 2019

Лайков: 160,622 тыс. | Комментариев: 1,453 тыс. | Просмотров: 1,552,330 млн.


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Date: today, 2019

Likes: 170,527 | Comments: 3,115

All my life since I grew up I work my ass off in gym to be in good shape. My main goal is to have booty, ofcourse. Because without gym I d had 0. Sometimes I struggle to loose weight. I always eat healthy, but it’s never enough. To start loosing weight I need to eat mostly vegetables and do cardio an hour everyday. Then comes a moment when I become leaner and happy with my body. Not for long. I continue loosing weight. I’m eating as much I can , 10 000 colories a day but I continue loosing kilos and all my muscles that I worked so hard for. My ass becomes flat. After 2-6 months being skinny as fuck I start to get weight. And again I can’t normally stop this process. I become fat and takes so much afford to become skinny again. That’s my life cycle. So exhausting. Nobody is perfect guys, especially not me. Even when I achieve my body goals. There will be people saying that I’m fat or disgustingly skinny.

Дата: 09 апреля, 2019

Лайков: 254,356 тыс. | Комментариев: 1,796 тыс.


Hope you having great Monday Guys !♥️ Here is little game to make you some $$$. If we like these games I’ll make them regularly 🤗 Guess what time I was born? Time range 5 mins. Sending 100$ to first 5 of you💰 Will share results 😘 Ребятки, привет! Решила провести маленький конкурс для вас🎊 Отправлю 6500 на карту, тому, кто угадывает время моего рождения в диапазоне 5 мин. Победят первые 5 угадавших🤗

Дата: 08 апреля, 2019

Лайков: 278,664 тыс. | Комментариев: 5,897 тыс.


Been to that gorgeous hotel @meritinternational For few days and played holdem tournament Ofcourse I lost 😂 but it was fun. I love Texas poker more than other games in casino because it’s more about strategy than luck. Do you guys gamble?

Дата: 03 апреля, 2019

Лайков: 169,566 тыс. | Комментариев: 1,169 тыс.


When you have a pimple. Best solution for any skin problem 👌🏼

Дата: 31 марта, 2019

Лайков: 140,453 тыс. | Комментариев: 1,577 тыс. | Просмотров: 1,489,776 млн.


It’s never to early for some extra energy ⚡️ @bangenergy Follow the inventor of Bang @bangenergy.ceo #BangEnergy #EnergyDrink

Дата: 22 марта, 2019

Лайков: 154,024 тыс. | Комментариев: 1,466 тыс. | Просмотров: 1,929,236 млн.


Second day on Gili. Doesn’t stop raining. So I haven’t really seen it yet. Tomorrow in Bali is Nyepi celebration. That’s why I left to Gili. It’s a day when people are not allowed to live their houses, can’t turn on the lights, no internet😁and sit in silence, not allowed to make any noises.That’s all very strict, police controls it. And no flights no boats in and out. I think it’s cool, I wanna go to silent retreat one day. But this sitting locked in houses thing reminds me The Purge movie 😂 What you think guys, do you wanna holiday like this one in your country? 😄

Дата: 06 марта, 2019

Лайков: 240,378 тыс. | Комментариев: 1,839 тыс.

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