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It’s never to early for some extra energy ⚡️ @bangenergy Follow the inventor of Bang @bangenergy.ceo #BangEnergy #EnergyDrink

Дата: 22 марта, 2019

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look me in the eyes 👀

Дата: 21 марта, 2019

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Case 1
Case 2
Case 3
Case 4


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Date: today, 2019

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Can you guess a flavor?🍦👙

Дата: 17 марта, 2019

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Moana or Pacahontas?🌺

Дата: 11 марта, 2019

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Date: today, 2019

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Second day on Gili. Doesn’t stop raining. So I haven’t really seen it yet. Tomorrow in Bali is Nyepi celebration. That’s why I left to Gili. It’s a day when people are not allowed to live their houses, can’t turn on the lights, no internet😁and sit in silence, not allowed to make any noises.That’s all very strict, police controls it. And no flights no boats in and out. I think it’s cool, I wanna go to silent retreat one day. But this sitting locked in houses thing reminds me The Purge movie 😂 What you think guys, do you wanna holiday like this one in your country? 😄

Дата: 06 марта, 2019

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Your perception of me is a reflection of you ✨

Дата: 26 февраля, 2019

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Hi my dears! ♥️ I just realized that I haven’t posted for a week 🤷🏻‍♀️ Did you miss me?🤗 Lately I wasn’t using my phone a lot. I forget sometimes that it exists. Don’t know where it is. And when I get it, reply few messages and forget about it again. Living like this makes me much happier and more present person, enjoying life. Being connected to you is the only thing I miss. What was the longest time you were not using your phone? Now I’m in Uluwatu @akileavillas this place is so perfect 😍

Дата: 19 февраля, 2019

Лайков: 260,462 тыс. | Комментариев: 2,028 тыс.


All that girls love 💕 🌺🛁🍕 & @bangenergy Follow the inventor of Bang @bangenergy.ceo #BangEnergy #EnergyDrink

Дата: 12 февраля, 2019

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Date: today, 2019

Likes: 170,527 | Comments: 3,115

I have vacation from vacation 😅 on this smallest gorgeous island Lembongan And I have nothing to wear . For real. It’s not even my shoes and hat. I have only bikini bottoms🤷🏻‍♀️ I love so much island life away from civilization. Away from attachments and materialistic stuff. Makes me reborn. But this time @ohanaslembongan made my escape too comfortable with a great service and veeeryy delicious food 😍😛

Дата: 11 февраля, 2019

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I hope you people don’t live in the illusion that you can not do whatever fuck you want. Or sacrificing your happiness to please the society or your parents And like a little kid still waiting for someone to tell you that you’re a good boy or a good girl. And I hope you kids out there are not planning to live your lives the way your parents want you to. And not becoming whomever you want to.

Дата: 06 февраля, 2019

Лайков: 315,084 тыс. | Комментариев: 2,162 тыс.


Cooling off with @bangenergy Follow the inventor of Bang @bangenergy.ceo #BangEnergy #EnergyDrink

Дата: 30 января, 2019

Лайков: 183,486 тыс. | Комментариев: 1,936 тыс. | Просмотров: 2,895,020 млн.


1, 2 or 3? 🙃 Have a great week 🤗

Дата: 28 января, 2019

Лайков: 393,872 тыс. | Комментариев: 4,501 тыс.

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