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23 | Menswear | Travel | Creative - Art Director. Contact: info@toni-mahfud.com My latest drawing video » Rebirth «↓

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The bridges you burn will light the way - try it, and you won’t regret it. 🔥 Different me, classy look by @joop #tonimahfud #joop #joopjeans #rooftop #outfit

Дата: 31 мая, 2018

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The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it! Maybe it wont work out, but maybe seeing if it does will be the best experience ever! I'm wearing hoodie from the new line @wearenyden ! You should sign up for exclusive access to their pre-launch for a discount off your first purchase here: bit.ly/nydentoni :) Everyone knows I always say that everything happens for a reason... whats comin' will come! So to create your own future start first by destroying the ''YOU'' you were told to be. 😈 #iamnyden #ad #tonimahfud #fashion #outfit

Дата: 21 мая, 2018

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Date: today, 2018

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Messy me creating something within 10 minutes and rushing to the airport straight into the plane with paint everywhere... That’s what I live for ha! :) 🎨👨🏻‍🎨😈 This wasn’t even planned like that. We were shooting a campaign and wanted to focus on my art since that’s super important to me. I brought few drawings with me to the set, so they could film me “drawing”. But when I saw the whole location etc. I was like, why can’t I just create something completely new and different on that background? I only had around 15 minutes left because I was already too late to get to the airport! Even tho i could have done that for few hours straight lol. It was kinda weird doing it when the whole team is standing there looking at me and I didn’t even had any ideas what to do lol. But I got to play my own music, and in that moment I blocked out everything around me. Thanks @joop for trusting me to do this super last minute! 🎥: @christophschaller ALSO! Ramadan Mubarak to all my fasting Muslim fans out there! 🖤 #tonimahfud #joop #joopjeans #drawing #art

Дата: 17 мая, 2018

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Your purpose is hidden within your wounds. Use those as an opportunity to be better and try to reflect negative into a positive outcome. Brainstorms through an incredible heli flight over the clouds. 🚁 #tonimahfud #helicopter #clouds #reflection #NYC

Дата: 13 мая, 2018

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Date: today, 2018

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Taking an image, freezing a moment. 📸 #tonimahfud #leica #sea #moments

Дата: 06 мая, 2018

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Classy AF “As an artist, it's important to have a unique quality in order to separate yourself from the masses Stand out from the crowd. @tonimahfud “ My new @joop campaign out now! This is a totally different style for me, but you should be able to do both sometimes. 🕴🏻 The next ones are going to be my own again. 🤷🏻‍♂️ #tonimahfud #joop #joopjeans #classy

Дата: 30 апреля, 2018

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Blinded by happiness. It’s not just what it looks like, but what it does to us. There is something weirdly good about those risks you take, believing you can just do it. 🌇 #tonimahfud #rooftop #views

Дата: 26 апреля, 2018

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Just a weirdo you might never understand. I press play and escape. Subway shot at sunrise. Magical 5am lights. #tonimahfud #subway #daydreaming #new #portrait

Дата: 22 апреля, 2018

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Date: today, 2018

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They will keep you burning at the edge hoping you would crumble and fall down. But little did they know that ashes fly higher than they ever will. ✨ - And for the thousands of dm‘s asking: I’m NOT attending #Coachella. :) BUT for everyone that has been there yesterday, feel free to send me some ODESZA videos.. literally only grumpy cuz I missed them. And if anyone can upload their whole performance as an audio on SoundCloud, I will marry that person lol. #tonimahfud #inspiration #desert

Дата: 16 апреля, 2018

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And the most important thing in everything you do is to be yourself. Don’t act like everybody else only because they’re not used to something different and special like you. They won’t understand you, they will talk about you, but that will not define you. You don’t need to be fixed or understood from everyone. I face this thought everyday and it proves me right every time to just stick to it. Happy to finally share my @joop campaign with you guys! This is a totally different content style, but I think the whole team did a great job. Thank you! #tonimahfud #joop #joopjeans

Дата: 08 апреля, 2018

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You are beginning to understand, aren’t you? That the whole world is inside you. Take the chance or leave it. Some things are meant to be, and others may not, but you won’t find out without letting them in. 🗝 #tonimahfud #inspiration #travel #adventure . . . . . . . (... jack.... I’m flying... Jack....)

Дата: 06 апреля, 2018

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Date: today, 2018

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External beauty sometimes covers the danger that’s hiding behind it. - #tonimahfud #daydreaming #whatsinsidecounts

Дата: 29 марта, 2018

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Difficulties increase the nearer we get to the goal. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe